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My name's Andrew Daunais and I'm a web developer from Memphis, Tennessee. With a background in both music and full-stack web development, my approach to work takes on a balance of discipline and creativity. I believe unique backgrounds only serve to enrich any project or company with fresh perspectives, and I hope to provide that for anyone I work with.

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My Work

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Project Ilumina

This is a site I built for the organization Project Ilumina, a collective of academics working to create social and eco-justice infrastructure. This site was built using Wordpress and Divi, and was my first project collarborating with a client to achieve both practical and aesthetic goals.
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Waking Soundly

Waking Soundly is a music-led meditation aid. Using Django, ReactJS, CSS, Redux, and a JavaScript library from BeepBox, this application procedurally loops through music in different tonal centers selected by the user. Focused on the idea of relaxation through musical ideas of repetition, tension, and release, I created a system that will weave the 144+ tracks of music together in different combinations each time you listen.
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Chew901 is a site created in Wordpress in the midst of the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak. This site allows local Memphis restaurants to reach their customers for food pickup in a time where dine-in simply isn't an option.

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Metsava is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) built using Django, ReactJS and CSS. Aesthetically inspired by world mythologies of tree deities, this game allows the player to dive in and create their own story. You can choose to be a mage, warrior, or rogue, then join friends and strangers to fight against the enemies in the game. Or go to the PVP (player versus player) mode and fight with other players online. Adventures await you in Metsava.
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Gamer's Wiki

This wiki site is a place to explore video game history and in-game lore. This is a fullstack Django application using the Django templating engine along with CSS. Enjoy searching through content others have posted, or login and create your own content.

About Me


Expression and structure go hand in hand for me. In order to express yourself in any given medium, it's important that you understand the structure of the medium itself. Beginning my education with a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance at Austin Peay State University, classical music taught me the principle of taking a structured artform and bending it to express myself as an individual. I carry those same principles into my career as a web developer.

Through my programming education at CodeCrew Code School, a 6-month 8am-5pm coding bootcamp, I learned the fundamentals of object oriented programming and full-stack development by learning HTML, JavaScript, Python, C#, ReactJS, and Django. After graduating, I have continued expanding my skillset by teaching myself PHP and Laravel through my work with MyClassOf, a small startup website still in development. I have also gained experience with Wordpress and Divi, as well as integrating payment processing APIs.

Thank you

I really appreciate you taking time to learn more about me! For any more information or to simply reach out to me, feel free to contact me through my email or linkedin, both listed below.